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Welcome. If you believe in art as an expression of community, and you like seeing it in public, you’ve come to the right place.

The Syracuse Poster Project, established in 2001, brings together community poets and artists to create an annual series of poetry posters for the city’s poster panels.

Each year we produce 10 to 16 art posters, each featuring an illustrated poem about downtown, the city or nearby countryside. Our mission is to enliven the city, build community, and spread value by selling poster prints and poster-related products.

The 2023 poster series, released April 20, marks our 22nd anniversary. The large-format posters are on display in the downtown kiosks and the poster boxes outside the downtown post office on Salina Street through April, 2024.

For the 2024 poster series, we're refreshing things. Instead of generally highlighting downtown, the city or nearby countryside, the series will feature a series of historic Syracuse characters.

You can participate by submitting poetry, joining our call for artists, volunteering, making a donation, or buying our products. We offer a growing array of goods, including Syracuse posters, note cards, postcards, haiku booklets, and books on poster art and haiku. Although we provide a public service, we receive no government or institutional funding. All proceeds from donations and sales directly fund our work. Your support sustains us.

If you live in Central New York, perusing these pages will confirm your love of certain landmarks, parks, neighborhoods and native experience. You’ll also deepen your appreciation of the creative community, learning about Syracuse poets and Syracuse artists, and the city that inspires them. You’ll find your neighbors, colleagues, teachers from your grade or high school, and other acquaintances. In short, you’ll discover that Syracuse’s creative community is your community.

If you’re new to the region or passing through, browse these pages as you would a quirky travel guide. You’ll find, conveyed through Syracuse art and haiku poetry, an assortment of places and experiences that stir the hearts of locals. Well known landmarks, as you’d expect, but also plenty of subtle, backyard epiphanies. If you’re looking for Syracuse souvenirs, we’ll send you home with a haiku poster unique to this region. And while you’re here, compose a Syracuse haiku, and send it to us. We love the fresh vision of travelers.

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