How to Help

If you like seeing Syracuse art in public places, help make it happen! Our poets and artists produce beautiful work. But to share this work with the broader community and make it financially viable entails an array of tasks. Help us by volunteering. You’ll get to share skills, learn new skills, and work with artists, poets and other champions of public art in Syracuse.

Our nonprofit group has a board of directors, a team of volunteers, and opportunities for high school and college interns. We meet for regular work sessions at Commonspace Work, second floor, 201 E. Jefferson St.

Check the volunteer opportunities below, find one that inspires you, and contact us.

For an informative story about the value of volunteering, read this article from the New York Times.

Finally, to familiarize yourself with our interns and volunteers by checking out their favorite music, visit their YouTube Playlist.

Poster by poet Eric Darby and artist Amanda Shaffer from 2013.

Current Volunteers and Interns

  • photo of Eric Stein

    Eric Stein

    IT Volunteer

    Eric Stein

    Eric Stein, an IT technician at Syracuse's Hancock Airport, helps with information technology tasks.

  • photo of Midhuneshwar Kanivalavan

    Midhuneshwar Kanivalavan

    Information Management Intern

    Midhuneshwar Kanivalavan

    Midhuneshwar Kanivalavan, or "M.K.", an SU grad student in Computer and Information Science, is our latest database and website management intern.

Volunteer Opportunities