Handmade Booklets

Over the years, Syracuse poets have submitted hundreds of haiku that have yet to be illustrated as posters. We periodically tap those poems for other products, in hope of giving the work more exposure. The products are typically booklets of haiku around Central New York themes. Small collections, small format, a kind of micro-publishing. Among examples, available below, are favorite haiku from the work considered for 2011, a collection of favorite haiku about crows, and booklet for jotting computer passwords, with a haiku on each page.

Find Poster Project items in the following local stores


(Poster Prints)
217 S. Salina St.
(McCarthy Building)

Syracuse, NY 13202

(315) 552-1627

Salt City Artisans

(Note Cards)
226 Hawley Ave.
Syracuse, NY 13203

(315) 479-0400

SU Bookstore

(Note cards)
Schine Student Center
303 University Place

Syracuse, NY 13244

(315) 443-9900

Sound Garden

310 W. Jefferson St.
Syracuse, NY 13202

(315) 473-4343

Art Mart

(November and December)
325 S. Salina St.
Syracuse, NY 13202

(315) 308-1772

Mixed Methods

(Note Cards)
215 E. Water St. (Rear)
Syracuse, NY 13202

(315) 399-1766

Metro Home Style

(Note Cards)
689 N. Clinton St.
Syracuse, NY 13204

(315) 420-2335

ArtRage Gallery

505 Hawley Ave.
Syracuse, NY 13203

(315) 218-5711