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Passwords & Poems

Passwords & Poems

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A lined booklet for recording computer and internet passwords, with a haiku from our archives on each page. Haiku selected by technology maven Nancy Roberts. Comes with a note card for easy gift giving. View a video of Nancy introducing the booklet on our YouTube channel.

Poets: Ellen Agnew, Carol Corwin, Jay Cox, Eric Darby, Joan Dear-Houseman, Sheila Forsyth, Mary Gardner, Nan Gartner, Robert Gaurnier, Hall Groat Sr., Maggie James, Nancy Liccione, Sam Lloyd, Erin McConnel, Doreen Miori-Merola, Simon Morrin, William Neumire, Anton Ninno, Genevieve Nordmark, Megan Reed, Leora Sapon-Shevin, Thomas Stock, and Jeanne Viggiano.

30 p., 2.75 x 4.25 inches.

Item#: 2012BKL015


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