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 St. Patrick Parades


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St. Patrick Parades

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St. Patrick parades.
Our city dances with green,
giddy for the spring.

At the Syracuse St. Patrick's Parade, everyone can be considered “Syracuse Irish.” For that you don't need a trace of actual Irish ancestry. You just need to have experienced life in Central New York, especially its long, snowy winters. The pipe bands and Irish dancers pay tribute to our Irish heritage and the settlers who labored in the salt industry and on the Eric Canal and helped build this city. But the parade is also a celebration of the coming spring. We wear green, eager for the return of green leaves and a new cycle of growth, all of us celebrating that we have made it through another winter together.

St Patrick's Day has always signaled the beginning of spring to me. The color green is everywhere, and folks are celebrating all over town! So I was immediately drawn to Heidi Stephens's haiku. It had the feel of this event. It made me imagine the parade route down the Salina Street Historic District, parading for spring in the face of Syracuse winter.