Susan Murphy

contributor to 3 posters

  • 2023 Poster: Art Deco Structure


    Art Deco Structure

    I have been making and showing my art on the East Coast and CNY for almost 50 years. I love the Poster Project! I love how it challenges me to come up with images to fit poems.

    Rick Portine’s poem immediately had me thinking of the “Spirit of Light” on the art deco National Grid building in Syracuse. My idea went through many renditions. I finally ended with a bold black and white spirit collaged onto the CNY area that it fills with energy and light.

  •  St. Patrick Parades


    St. Patrick Parades

    St Patrick's Day has always signaled the beginning of spring to me. The color green is everywhere, and folks are celebrating all over town! So I was immediately drawn to Heidi Stephens's haiku. It had the feel of this event. It made me imagine the parade route down the Salina Street Historic District, parading for spring in the face of Syracuse winter.

  • Salt City Sunrise


    Salt City Sunrise

    I have lived near and enjoyed Onondaga Lake for over 30 years. It has often been the subject of my art.

    This haiku captured a wonderful lake image for me. I saw the landscape from the eagle's view. Although I'm primarily a painter, I also enjoy doing mixed media, and decided to do this poem as a collage. I used repurposed paper: bits of my castoffs, old newspaper, and Syracuse City parking stubs (the stubs often fly around my car's heating vents like feathers). The haiku is presented as cut words to enhance the collage effect.