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Blue Heron Floats By


Item#: 2015SYR05

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11x17-inches, printed on heavy weight (100-pound) Hammermill cover paper. We package each print with a piece of chipboard in a clear plastic sleeve.

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Blue Heron Floats By

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Blue heron floats by,
wingspan blocking the sun's rays.
My breath catches me.

I live in a quiet hamlet with a beautiful view of the Oswego River. There is an inlet where I can see a variety of ducks, geese, snapping turtles and fish.

The herons come to the inlet in spring and summer to forage for fish and other prey, and build nests for their offspring. I am in awe of the size and elegance of these graceful birds as I watch them land with their five- to six-foot wingspan.

For a couple of seconds, it takes my breath away.

After watching these incredible creatures for years, I felt inspired to write something about them.

I wanted a poem with an animal in it. I thought it would be really interesting to integrate that into a Syracuse environment. The buildings downtown are familiar and just gorgeous. The heron was perfect, and putting it downtown was visual because you can see the tops of the buildings. Herons are really elegant birds with big wings which are perfect for the detail in the feathers. And I wanted to do this kind of cool tones poster with the silhouette of the heron in front of the sun. I thought that would look really beautiful and powerful, especially since it glows.