Cynthia DeKing

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  • Ears Flapping in Wind


    Ears Flapping in Wind

    I saw the Poster Project advertised, and I thought it would be something creative, and I decided to try it out. I had written a few poems before—actually, one is not a good story. Working at a retail store about 12 years ago, I was robbed at closing time. A couple of days later, I just sat down and wrote a poem about it. I guess it was therapeutic.

    The haiku was about a better experience. This past year, I did some pet sitting and dog walking. I noticed that when you click the leash on a dog's collar, they're raring to go and take right off. One dog in particular was around 11 years old. She just kept trotting along and didn't stop. Even though I didn't know the way, she did. She was on a mission.

  • Blue Heron Floats By


    Blue Heron Floats By

    I live in a quiet hamlet with a beautiful view of the Oswego River. There is an inlet where I can see a variety of ducks, geese, snapping turtles and fish.

    The herons come to the inlet in spring and summer to forage for fish and other prey, and build nests for their offspring. I am in awe of the size and elegance of these graceful birds as I watch them land with their five- to six-foot wingspan.

    For a couple of seconds, it takes my breath away.

    After watching these incredible creatures for years, I felt inspired to write something about them.