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The Everson Sits


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The Everson Sits

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The Everson sits
Quiet, still, sensuously
Aware of itself.

The Everson is art. It's dominated by art, on the outside as well as the inside. When we say it's sensual, in our poem, it's because it moves, breathes a gentle strength. It is obvious: As it looks indestructible. Those cement walls are strong. The Everson is underappreciated for what it is: an absolute jewel of Syracuse's art world.

A visitor from out of town would never mistake it for anything other than what it is. It flaunts its sensuality, as well it should.

I really like the Everson. Some people may consider the building harsh because it looks so simple. But I like how simple it is. I think there's something charming about it.

A lot of students in my art program don't go down there as much as we should, me included. It's such a strong center for the arts. They do amazing things, like have workshops in the basement. They put on wonderful visiting artists lectures. I especially like that they do the Urban Video Project—I put the smile there because I know that's where they project the videos. I think the Video Project really helps to revitalize the downtown. I went to the projection by Dani Leventhal. She had a screening there and an artist's talk. It was a really cool way to talk to people and to see video at a huge scale.