Cara Luddy

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  • The Everson Sits


    The Everson Sits

    I really like the Everson. Some people may consider the building harsh because it looks so simple. But I like how simple it is. I think there's something charming about it.

    A lot of students in my art program don't go down there as much as we should, me included. It's such a strong center for the arts. They do amazing things, like have workshops in the basement. They put on wonderful visiting artists lectures. I especially like that they do the Urban Video Project—I put the smile there because I know that's where they project the videos. I think the Video Project really helps to revitalize the downtown. I went to the projection by Dani Leventhal. She had a screening there and an artist's talk. It was a really cool way to talk to people and to see video at a huge scale.