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Cayetano Valenzuela, Artist and Sign Painter
Cayetano Valenzuela, artist and sign painter, at Delavan Studios

Help us make Syracuse a city of thriving poster art by supporting the work of other civic poster artists. Here we extend the reach of our on-line store to artists, designers, and typographers working in realms parallel to the Poster Project.

To kick off this expanded activity, we offer a series of Syracuse themed posters by Cayetano Valenzuela, a graphic artist and sign painter based at the Delavan Center; Tommy Lincoln, a designer and graphic artist active in the public art scene; Jason Evans, an architect and designer; the late Hall Groat, a Syracuse illustrator; and Tong "Amy" Su and Wenyi Qian, international students from China.

Like our traditional posters, most of these prints come packaged in a clear plastic sleeve, with a cardboard stiffener and an information sheet, with a photo and blurb about the artist.

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(Poster Prints)
217 S. Salina St.
(McCarthy Building)

Syracuse, NY 13202

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Salt City Artisans

(Note Cards)
226 Hawley Ave.
Syracuse, NY 13203

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SU Bookstore

(Note cards)
Schine Student Center
303 University Place

Syracuse, NY 13244

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Sound Garden

310 W. Jefferson St.
Syracuse, NY 13202

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Art Mart

(November and December)
325 S. Salina St.
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Mixed Methods

(Note Cards)
215 E. Water St. (Rear)
Syracuse, NY 13202

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Metro Home Style

(Note Cards)
689 N. Clinton St.
Syracuse, NY 13204

(315) 420-2335

ArtRage Gallery

505 Hawley Ave.
Syracuse, NY 13203

(315) 218-5711