Note Cards

We're now dipping into our archives and gradually reissuing popular posters as 5x7-inch note cards. You can buy them individually or in packs of six. The cards are printed in Syracuse on study cover stock, and each comes with a white wove envelope, packaged in a clear plastic sleeve. All cards are blank on the inside. We're starting with a handful of cards and adding more as our funds allow. Send them to wandering friends and family who wish they could be in Syracuse.


After years of making posters, we're diversified into other poster-based products, such as postcards. John Thompson, one of the SU illustration professors who collaborated with us, travelled to Paris and was surprised to find people still writing postcards--he doesn't. So call us "weird", we still believe in the value of postcards--their economy, brevity, and the fun coupling of here-I-am, wish-you-were-too.

We offer eight postcards, most of them derived from popular posters. The cards are standard 4 x 6 inches, printed on heavyweight card stock by Syracuse printers.

Feel strongly about other posters that would serve well as postcards? Make a donation to us to speed up the development process.

Haiku Cards

Partake in the work of our poets by buying haiku cards. We select haiku from our archives and incorporate it into a note card. We set the haiku in a handsome typeface, complement it with a graphic ornament, and add a credit line for the poet.

We can also create custom cards, using your own haiku, brief poem, or short text. Select from our assortment of graphic ornaments. It's a fine way to share your work with friends and family.

All cards are printed in black on 10 x 7-inch card stock, folded to 5 x 7 inches, blank inside. Poets and designers receive a credit line on the back.

For custom cards, reach us through the Contact Us form.

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(Poster Prints)
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Salt City Artisans

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Schine Student Center
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Art Mart

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ArtRage Gallery

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