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The Lights Start to Dim


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The Lights Start to Dim

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The lights start to dim
The orchestra starts to play
It's Syracuse Stage

The inspiration for my haiku comes from our local playhouse, Syracuse Stage. I've been attending shows there since I was in elementary school and their productions continue to inspire me today, especially now that I'm working to be an actor myself in New York City.

The focus of this haiku is on the moment before the show begins. As the lights dim, mystery and anticipation are at their highest, and the audience begins to give their imaginations over to the performers.

I've been painting for all my life, so I'm fortunate to be a part of the Syracuse Poster Project. The poem I had to interpret: The lights start to dim, the orchestra starts to play, At Syracuse Stage, the painting I've done is an impression I have of the Syracuse stage, and community. The Flamenco dancer was part of the Wescott St. fair, in a group studying flamenco dancing, my daughter begged me to go into it, because she knew I would like to paint the dancers, so I've done several paintings of the dancers, this is just one I think shows the spirit of the Syracuse stage. I've been going to Syracuse Stage for many years, and certainly, it's a successful operation. My mother used to work at the University so she used to know all the actors. I thought it was a wonderful thing when my daughter told me to go into the Wescott St. fair, I thought “I don't like mobs” but it was fun working from life on these figures. There's little bits of musicians, the Director of the original Syracuse Symphony is pictured for example, you have to find some they're hidden; this impressionist style makes it hard to see, like a puzzle. I wanted this piece to feel lose, airy, I didn't want to tire people with detail it's the way I like to paint impressions of things that people remember over time, not academically. I hope to paint until I drop and then maybe some other person will follow me.