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 Crisp Autumn Sunshine


Item#: 2017SYR10

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11x17-inches, printed on heavy weight (100-pound) Hammermill cover paper. We package each print with a piece of chipboard in a clear plastic sleeve.

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Crisp Autumn Sunshine

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Crisp autumn sunshine
Shadows stretch while dry leaves dance
Warm scarf pulled tightly

For almost 50 years I have been a visual artist, an illustrator and a designer. I am always trying to reduce things to their essence, looking for the simple answers. During the past twenty years, I have also been writing poetry. What I like about writing haiku are their constraints and the quest for the simple essence. This haiku gives just enough information for the reader to capture the moment, place, and feeling; they fill in the rest. Now there is a relationship between the poem and reader.

I picked a haiku about autumn because, well it's my name, but also, being from California we don't really have seasons. So I thought this was a nice scene to draw, especially with all the fall colors.

My concept was to do a fall scene, and to represent the dry leaves dancing. I wanted to show the leaves having some movement. I looked up pictures of Syracuse parks as well as looked around campus to get inspiration for how the trees and scenery would look. The fall weather is very pretty here and it's nice to see the leaves changing all around the city. I just wanted the girl in my poster to look very serene and happy being in this fall weather and have the leaves dance around her.