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 Upon A Hillside


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11x17-inches, printed on heavy weight (100-pound) Hammermill cover paper. We package each print with a piece of chipboard in a clear plastic sleeve.

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An information page with photos of the artist and poet, and hand-written comments from each.

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Upon A Hillside

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Upon a hillside
From this height I see below
A city asleep

Haiku is my favorite form of poetry because of how easily it flows. I also like rhyming poems or poems that can be sung.

My greatest ideas are conceived when I am moving, whether when running back and forth across the room, standing, or even brushing my teeth. As long as I am not still, ideas come to me through a process which I call a Velvet Fantasy, named after a toy black dog with a nose made of velvet, given to me by my aunt. Her name is Velvet Sandford and I still have her to this day.

I want to encourage people, especially young people, to write, because their writing could one day change lives. Writing novels that will greatly impact the lives of others is one of my many goals in life. Even if my books never change anyone's life, writing is an enjoyable and stress relieving activity that every person should experience.

When I read this poem, I pictured a tranquil, night time scene with a view of Syracuse lit up from a distance. I wanted to capture the feeling of a cold but peaceful winter night. Most of the memories I have of Syracuse are of the cold winters and late nights working in the illustration studio, so I wanted to draw on that.

For my poster, I decided to show two friends, up late and taking a relaxing moment to take in the view. In my work, I like to focus on happy and whimsical subject matter, so I emphasized the glow from the moon, stars, and the city, to add warmth to the piece despite the winter setting.