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At a Corner Stool


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At a Corner Stool

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At a corner stool
Beige froth nearly overflows
Silky Guinness poured

My closeness to the Irish community in Syracuse stems from my paternal roots, where “Craic,” kindness and love are firmly installed.

Kitty Hoynes has been a second home to family and friends, where every Friday, you will find us enjoying a comforting meal and jovial company for hours. You feel an immediate bond between regulars, new customers, community members of all descent, welcomed and accepted mattering not if their heritage includes the green, white and orange flag.

In times of uncertainty or divide, knowing that one Irish pub is a constant source of solace and cheer is something to truly smile and raise a pint to. Sláinte.

When I read this poem, the first word that popped out was “Guinness,” because I like beer. Then I saw that the poem was also referring to Kitty Hoynes, and since that's one of my favorite bars in downtown Syracuse, I thought I could have a lot of fun with it. The first time I went to Kitty Hoynes I met—not the owner, but a man who worked there called Mike Heagerty. He was very outgoing, whimsical. He had the shaved head, the beard, the comb-over hair. I was going for that kind of hipster vibe in the poster, because that's what I feel when I go to Kitty Hoynes. I really like the texture in the hair playing off the graphic feature of his face and the beer, and the flowing-ness in the mustache—it shows that he really enjoys the beer—and the off-centered-ness, which really strikes me.