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 Armory Square Is


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Armory Square Is

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Armory Square is
well preserved, and a dozen
cars are traffic jam

Having grown up in the early days of “Mad” magazine, I enjoy satire, puns and word play in general.

I also have some nostalgic memories of Armory Square, when it was a rather gritty section of town. There was a the circus at the Armory; the billiard table company on Walton Street, with its large painted sign on the side of the brick building, as seen while riding a city bus; a long-ago job interview at one of the several meat wholesalers, also on Walton.

My poem is a tip of the cap to the square.

I come from Shanghai, China. So I have some emotions about traffic jams, because in Shanghai, traffic jams can be really bad. They are not a joyful memory. But in Armory Square, I was stopped by traffic once, and that was fine.

Armory Square is one of my favorite places. I love the historic feeling in that area. Everything is well preserved. There are some fashion stores and restaurants, and everything is combined very well. The buildings are part of the whole environment.

In my memory of Armory Square, it's autumn, and the leaves and colors—it's beautiful. I like the conflicts between autumn and winter. They are completely different. And I love autumn here, so I chose to use a wild color palette for this poster.