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 Ferris Wheel Stands Tall


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Ferris Wheel Stands Tall

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Ferris wheel stands tall
Laughter and screams of delight
The New York State Fair

I wanted to write about the State Fair because I feel like it's one of the biggest things in Syracuse. I go every year, so I can really connect with what it feels like to be there. That's what haiku are supposed to do.

I kind of imaged myself standing in the Midway, listening and pretending to see what I would see if I were really at the State Fair. I like the different types of people you can see at the Fair. It's always very lively, and there are people laughing and talking.

The rides are exciting. I was trying to create that experience for the reader. Haiku are supposed to convey a somewhat visual and emotional experience. It's supposed to feel real.

I went to a Goo Goo Dolls concert at the state fair when I was about 15. Me and my family were able to explore and have fun. You'll find a wide variety of characters. There was a lot of good food you would typically find at a state fair. I find Ferris wheels a very interesting background element. I distorted the Ferris wheel to exaggerate the tallness. I like what the colors in the sunset sky bring to the painting. I'm always trying to experiment with color. I tried to show the excitement of the kids in their facial expressions. I tried to give the painting a more carefree and whimsical feel with the farm animals running around. I thought the pig chasing a dog would be a funny element to add. The junk food and cotton candy are all definitely, without a doubt, necessary parts of the fair. Fried dough is undoubtedly the best.