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Snow is falling thick


Item#: 2012SYR03

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11x17-inches, printed on heavy weight (100-pound) Hammermill cover paper. We package each print with a piece of chipboard in a clear plastic sleeve.

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Snow is falling thick

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Snow is falling thick,
Covering me with white lace,
I've wed my shovel.

Our family moved to the Syracuse area in 1996. My husband was doing a lot of traveling back then, while I was here taking care of our new home and our two young boys. I came to learn that Syracuse winters could be brutal what with lake effect snow, howling winds and endless days of grey skies. In fact, the first few winters here, it seemed like my husband was always traveling when Syracuse was hit with a snow storm!

We did not own a snow blower at the time, so it fell upon my shoulders to shovel us out. The year I wrote this Haiku was especially snowy...and I was shoveling a lot!! With my husband out of town so often that year, my shovel became my next best friend!

When I read this haiku, I laughed at it at first, which is why I wanted to illustrate it. Anyone who lives in Syracuse, or has been to Syracuse, knows that the snow is intense here. My family recently moved from the Boston area to Virginia, and we don't really have winter down there. It's kind of sad. I love the snow. There's something magical when it covers everything, and I just love the smell of the air, the way the sky looks after a snowfall. I love playing in it. I just love everything about snow.

With the illustration, I wanted the trees symmetrical, framing the piece, like a wedding arch. And when I drew the figure with the shovel, I used my own coat in the drawing, because that's the coat I have to wear when it gets really cold.