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Travel Ways Snaking


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Travel Ways Snaking

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Travel ways snaking
over, under, tying fast
asphalt ribbons home

I was born in Syracuse, lived there for a few years, and then we moved as a family out to Cazenovia. So any time we came into the city, it was like a big thing. I really loved that. And when we went on long car trips, and came back to the area, there was a certain curve we could come around, and I would see a green shingled building right by the road, and I would know we were almost home.

I later moved away to go to college, but I came back to Syracuse for graduate school, and I was very much interested in living downtown and in different neighborhoods. Now I live in Ithaca, so I have a different connection to the city. I come in on I-81 or Route 690. But when I come swooping around, off the exit, I still feel like I'm coming home to that essential part of Syracuse that I really relate to.

I'm a part-time student in continuing education. I work full-time in sales and I travel a lot. I've got about ten classes to go to get my Bachelors in Fine Arts in Illustration.

When I read this poem, the visuals became very clear to me. As someone who uses the roadways as much as I do, I pictured the 690 overpass that goes from 690 West to I-81 South. When you are on that bridge, you get that view of the west end of the city and the downtown landscape.

Originally I did have cars in the foreground. To me, it just did not give enough mystery. I wanted the emphasis on the travel way and the openness of the road and sky.