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2004 Poster: Most Dinosaurs Roar


Item#: 2004SYR11

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11x17-inches, printed on heavy weight (100-pound) Hammermill cover paper. We package each print with a piece of chipboard in a clear plastic sleeve.

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An information page with photos of the artist and poet, and hand-written comments from each.

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Most Dinosaurs Roar

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Most dinosaurs roar
as couples sip hot coffee
in Armory Square

When my children were little, the MOST had a display of animated dinosaur models. So we went down there with the kids—Mike and Katie—and made a day out of it. They were probably 8 and 12 at the time. Anyway, it was somebody's birthday, and we went out for a celebratory birthday lunch.

The dinosaurs, while they weren't real, were roaring and lively. It was almost a psychedelic display. And then there was the more old-fashioned ambience of the square.

The kids enjoyed it so much that it became a family tradition—to visit the MOST, see the exhibits, and then wander around the square.

I thought the other poems seemed very literal. Or maybe they aimed at an older crowd. This one allowed for more artistic creativity. I could do a spoof. The poet is talking about the MOST museum and people having coffee. The poem made me think to include dinosaurs instead of humans drinking coffee. Although I had never used clay as a medium, I felt that the idea of dinosaurs sipping coffee seemed to lend itself to clay. I wanted to create something that children would like, and a clay illustration looks like something to play with. Although they might not actually be able to touch the dinosaurs, I knew that children would think of my illustration as colorful, cartoony and playful.