Jessie Zehr

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  •  In This Salt City


    In This Salt City

    I liked this poem because it gave a description of Syracuse, but it was also vague and allowed me the most freedom. I also liked that it touched on some of the history of Syracuse. I'm a local, and I like so many parts of the city; this poem just brought out thoughts of Syracuse.

    I walked all around the city for this, and at this one point noticed you could see all these trees, bright and colorful sugar maples, as well as city buildings and highway—all the things in the poem together.

    I started out doing the poster in a different medium, but ended up in watercolor, which is more spontaneous; it makes me loosen up. Watercolor is a little harder to control, so the blending of colors may not be exactly what was planned. I framed the picture in the trees, and decided to use a font that was neat and classic.