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Haiku Submission
A poet's entry.

Draft of Henry Keck poster by James McCampbell
Draft of Henry Keck poster by James McCampbell, returning poster artist. Writers can submit poems to complement the poster.

Submit Poetry

If you would like to submit poetry for the 2024 poster series, put your poetic powers into high gear. We're soliciting haiku and other short-form poetry in the spirit of haiku (three to four short lines) for next year's poster series, now through Sept. 30.

To refresh our typical call for poems related to downtown, the city or nearby countryside, this year we invite you to write poems related to a series of historic Syracuse characters (and one fictional character from the future!).

With help from the Onondaga Historical Association, we've come up with a list of 13 characters. The list includes one special character to be featured in a "reverse process" poster. For that, we commissioned artist James Campbell to illustrate a poster featuring Henry Keck, the historic stained glass artist.

Writers may submit a poem to complement the Keck poster and up to three additional poems related to any of the 13 historical characters.

Past participants receive entry materials by postal mail. If you're not on the mailing list, you can download the call for poetry brochure here and download the 2024 entry form here.

For more information about the 13 characters, including reference photos and bio blurbs, download the overview here.

A note for elementary and secondary school teachers: several posters have featured student poems, and we enjoy the vision and spirit of student work. But if you have your class participate, please help with the selection work. For each class, send us the best five poems. Thank you.

Submit Art

We invite emerging and professional artists to participate in our annual call for art. Formal invitations go out by postal mail in early September. If you would like to be added to the mailing list, send us your contact information via the "Contact Us" form. For more info on how to sign up for the 2024 series, read our artists outreach letter here. The letter provides and overview and then directs artists to an online agreement form.

For more information about the 13 characters, including reference photos and bio blurbs, download the overview here.

For more general information, download our list of frequently asked questions for artists here.

Beyond posters, your work stands a chance of being shared with the public in other ways--via cards, booklets, poem-of-the day features, and large-format flat screens.

Thank you.


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