Yue Wang

contributor to 2 posters

  • The Footsteps in Snow


    The Footsteps in Snow

    I'm from a small town in the center of China. When I was young, it snows a lot, but now with global warming, my town, not snowing that much. As a young girl, I really like snow. We climbing on mounds of snow, and I'm very excited. Here, it's a lot more snow, and I just want to go hiding in my room—being homesick, but not because of the snow.

    I live on a second floor, and when it's a snow day, I look outside, and it's very beautiful, very white. So for the poster, I want to draw the feeling of looking down on a person in the landscape, just a small person in the landscape, kind of lonely. Maybe he needs some time to be alone, to think about things. The trees are little, like the little boy, they can grow up. And the light is coming in sideways, so it's not depressing. There's hope here.

  • The Basilica


    The Basilica

    I went with my friend, in my friend's car, and we saw this church. I think it's very elegant. I like it a lot. The poem said it's reaching very high, toward the heart of God. It makes me feel very peaceful and pure inside.

    I wanted to combine these two feelings, the basilica reaching up, and the moon and the stars are singing. That's just how I imagine it. The angels, they are very kind inside. They have a good warm heart to help others. And I add some fog to make the atmosphere like dreaming. I like the tranquility. It's very peaceful, but also playful.