Vanessa Lauria

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  • 2003 Poster: Blue Heron Stretches


    Blue Heron Stretches

    Most everything I do is sewn. I use a sewing machine or do hand stitching. My mom's an avid quilter, and she taught me how to sew. I like the story telling that occurs in old quilts. And I like the way they transcend time. Quilting is a tradition that gets passed on from generation to generation.

    Because I'm taking the time to do every stitch, I feel I have an intimate connection with the piece. My hand skills slow down, and I can pay attention to detail in a different way than I would if I were drawing. It's very contemplative.

    Usually, I would work with a lot of bright colors and shapes. But with this haiku I was thinking about Japanese prints and simple ink drawings—expression through line.