Vanessa Castillo

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  • Clinton Square Back Beat


    Clinton Square Back Beat

    I liked the musicality of this poem, and I wanted to play with that. I like to listen to music. I tried to play instruments in high school, but I never got very far. I appreciate music, but I'm not necessarily a maker of music. Art was more my forte.

    I started by looking at pictures on the internet for photo reference, and saw, like, a good picture, like the angle was cool. It was like those old cartoons with warped perspective. And I always wanted to try that.

    I figured the night sky would be a way to make it jazzy, and I've always liked the symbols of the sky—the sun and the moon. They remind me of my childhood a little bit. Growing up, my sister always had a lot of moon and sun things. And because she was my cool older sister, I was like, “OK, I want to be like her.”