Travis Bartlett

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  • City Lights Aglow


    City Lights Aglow

    I've always taken inspiration from being out under a starry sky. Especially when out in the natural world, looking up at a night time sky is a great vantage point for admiring all the beauty and creation in the natural world. I get a similar sense when driving into or out of the city at night. The approaching lights of a cityscape are very much like the constellations of the human built world. It's equally inspiring to reflect on all of the creation that exists within the city lights. Just as the arrangement of stars forms a constellation from the human perspective, the arrangement of a city's structures, neighborhoods, cultures and communities form its own unique identity in the world. This haiku was intended to pay tribute to the differences and similarities that exist in the creation of the natural and human built world, and how each can be equally inspiring from the right perspective.