Tang Dao

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  • Canal Over Creek


    Canal Over Creek

    I was born in Vietnam, in a small village near Saigon, so there was a lot of nature around. I love nature. So I chose a poem related to nature.

    I've lived in Syracuse for 16 or 17 years, but I've never liked snow, so I tried not to pick any poems related to snow. I saw one that said, “Snow piles high and soft / Wind blows the sun through my bones / Syracuse weather.” Oh my God! Wow! That was not the one for me!

    I like spring, autumn and maybe summer, and I always seek out the beauties of those seasons. For example, the sky, when it has colors you don't normally see. Or trees. I'm a fan of trees, but summer trees, with their leaves, not winter trees. Like clouds, trees can have almost any shape. When you look at them, you can see images, shapes, even weird faces.