Tammra Cook

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  • Yellow Rounds Of Hay


    Yellow Rounds Of Hay

    When I think of Syracuse, I picture the skyline of buildings and the Syracuse University Dome. But when I read Nast's haiku, I immediately pictured the view of the city from a distance, from the beautiful farmland and open fields surrounding the city. I also thought about Monet's Impressionistic hay bales and the sparking reflections on the water.

    In my painting, I wanted to combine the geometric edges of the cityscape along the water as they played against the circular disks of the hay in the outlying landscape.

    The silhouettes in the field and tiny airplane banner in the sky bring humanity into the equation of concrete plus farmland equals the Syracuse we love.

  • Man walking on yellow brick road toward rainbow and Oz


    From Chittenango

    I grew up in Central New York and whenever asked where I’m from, I reply, “Syracuse!” Currently, I live in central Massachusetts and teach elementary school art.

    I decided to illustrate the poem about L. Frank Baum, first because I love “The Wizard of Oz” movie (except the flying monkeys). Secondly, this movie holds a special meaning as it was my brother’s favorite. Additionally, I enjoy the parade and OZ-Stravaganza held in Chittenango in June. I also have a personal tie to Chittenango, as I fulfilled the student teaching requirement for my license at Chittenango Middle School five years ago.

    Although L. Frank Baum passed away before colored films were on the big screen, I wanted to depict his life like the movie, walking from the old-fashioned black and white downtown into the colorful land of Oz.