Scot Connor

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  • 2002 Poster: Glowing Neon Bright


    Glowing Neon Bright

    I had several poems to choose from, but I picked the NiMo building, because I've always had an interest in the building, and I'm somewhat into the art deco movement.

    It's a beautiful building. It definitely has a fantastic quality, like a science fiction fantasy—something mythical. I try to interject a lot of that, look for that, in illustration.

    The poem provided a lot of the initial inspiration. Reading the poem and thinking what the poet was visualizing, and merging that with my own image.

    I was also trying for a sense of drama. A sense of drama with the point of view, which is kind of the normal point of view that people see when they walk or drive by the building. But also a sense of drama with the light, which is captured by the poem.