Sarah McCoubrey

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  • Morning Light Glances


    Morning Light Glances

    I was happy to see a poem about Limestone Creek, since I live near the creek, and since I've been paining local waterways. I'm attracted to any kind of water. Puddles. Streams. The Erie Canal. I love the reflections, and the way reflections of sky open up a painting. In fact, this painting comes from one I had already painted of the creek.

    Initially, I considered painting a new painting, because I thought, Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a poster of atmospheric, beautiful colors, of this creek? But when I took pictures as source material they seemed generic, and I didn't like them as much as the image I already had. Then when I cropped the original, I actually liked my crop better than my original. In the original, there's more sky. This seems more intimate.