Sally Hendee

contributor to 2 posters

  • The Footsteps in Snow


    The Footsteps in Snow

    This haiku was inspired by a photo. It was of a snow-covered canoe leaning against a tree by the river. A single set of footsteps led to it, then FADED into the woods beyond. I was haunted by it.

    Needing to express more from the visual experience, the simple clarity of the haiku seemed to accomplish that for me.

    I was pleased with the results and am eager to see how these words inspired the artist.

  • Frog so Small and Green


    Frog so Small and Green

    Nature always inspires me. I have a few creative interests and have found that photography helps me capture many beautiful moments to express artistically. In this instance, I was walking at Sterling Nature Center on Lake Ontario. I came upon a small garden. There, on a bright green leaf, sat a tiny precious peeper frog.

    I took a picture intending to reproduce the moment with a watercolor, but instead wrote my haiku.