Robert Stone

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  • Kings, Queens, Knaves, Fairies


    Kings, Queens, Knaves, Fairies

    I'm not really a poet. I'm retired and have been writing poetry for 10-12 years, both haiku and longer poems. I enjoy reading poetry, Billy Collins, Robert Frost, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Maya Angelou, among others.

    I always enjoy going to Thornden Park in the summertime watching performances of Shakespeare, sitting on the grassy knoll, shaded by the trees, absorbed in the action.

    It's great to be close to the stage observing the players and talking with them after the show is over.

    I think Shakespeare is still relevant. The plays are timeless, speaking to us today on issues of politics, betrayal, love, social issues, giving us insight and guidance as we confront the challenges of today

  • Canines Strut Their Stuff


    Canines Strut Their Stuff

    On my early morning walks, I often encounter dogs of various breeds and sizes strolling with their owners. I occasionally wonder what it would be like if they were to be walking in single file? AHA! A parade.

    I find inspiration from the seasons, especially winter, its beauty and the challenges it presents. Also the city, downtown, community events, politics and Route 81.

    I find it fun and challenging to express my thoughts and observations in seventeen syllables.