Renee Mlynaryk

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  • 2005 Poster: With Grace, Salmon Pink


    With Grace, Salmon Pink

    I like flamingoes. I like pink, and flamingos are pink. It's just a personal taste. And they have a great shape—a long neck. I don't think I've ever seen a flamingo in real life. But I did some research and found out what they look like when they're sleeping, which I thought was interesting. They put their heads in their feathers. So I tried to get that into some of the illustrations. But basically I just started drawing flamingoes and seeing what happened. Then I chose the ones I liked best and started arranging them.

    I like to do diagonals receding back into space. I was actually striving for it to be simpler: graphic shapes, solid colors. But I got absorbed by the textures. I like the way the pink is working, and I like, overall, the way their necks curve—the curving S shapes.