Octavia Miller

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  • 2023 Poster: Hands Interwoven


    Hands Interwoven

    The haiku that I wrote expresses how I feel about friendships and the bond that you feel with someone once you’ve made that connection. As a freshman in high school, friends to me are people who I can rely on and trust and make memories that I will remember well.

    That feeling of trust and allowing yourself to be vulnerable in order to form such a relationship is such a hard thing to achieve sometimes. I have hopes that some of the friends I have today will last for my entire life, although people change, people come, and people leave. I am content in the fact that sometimes friendships will not last, but I savor the ones that will.

    My poem reflects the theme of “spirit of community friendship,” one which I enjoy writing and thinking about. I have been entering haikus in this project since elementary school and am so excited to be featured on a poster this year. I hope everyone enjoys it!