Michelle Dickens

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  • 2003 Poster: Thornden Park Roses


    Thornden Park Roses

    The first thing I did was go directly to the site. It's very enjoyable. The roses are beautiful, and it was perfect timing, because they were all in bloom.

    I always try for a sense of beauty and grace in my work, so this was a good poem to work with. The words spoken through the poem were words that I feel I've spoken through my paintbrush. So I immediately felt a connection.

    The girl there, by that delicate rose, evokes a sense of purity. Innocence, in a way, is what I was trying to capture. That's the message that the poem seemed to emit.

    I feel I've visually communicated that. I just wanted the piece to be as sweet as the poem, and as sweet as the garden itself.