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  •  Pigeons Peck the Street


    Pigeons Peck the Street

    I've always heard people say negative things about pigeons, but I think that they're important to the life of the city. They pick up bits of food and such that we forget or drop and leave behind. And they add a pretty bit of life and character to what can otherwise be drab streets and sidewalks. In a way they reminded me of janitors and other people who are important to our society, but whom we tend to forget or just ignore. Even their feathers remind me of janitorial uniforms, which are usually of similar color.

    This was a neat experience for me. I've been writing poems for myself for several years, and have had a couple published. But I hadn't given it a serious try until certain people in my life encouraged me to get my work out there more. So I did an Internet search, found the Poster Project, and here we are!