Meg Stephens

contributor to 2 posters

  • Illustration of Guxtav Stickley and chairs superimposed on The Craftsman magazine


    Bold Strong Shapes Take Form

    Gustav Stickley’s designs found their way into homes throughout Central New York and across the nation. Stickley furniture became a part of many people’s daily lives and was often the gathering center for families.

    Another way Stickley’s designs impacted many was through “The Craftsman” magazine and the American arts & crafts design movement. Pulling the fonts, colors, and common layouts from the magazine, I modeled my poster after “The Craftsman.” Instead of issue dates, I placed his birth and death dates at the top, along with his likeness. I added the dining set mentioned in the haiku. I’d like to think that this poster would have been the design used for Gustav Stickley’s memorial issue of “The Craftsman.”

  • 2022 Poster: Rolling Soundtracks Flow


    Rolling Soundtracks Flow

    Upon reading the haiku I chose, I was immediately reminded of the many skaters that enjoy the trails around Onondaga Lake.

    This particular spot on the trail is one of my favorites because while you're enjoying the peace and quiet of the nature trail, there is a spectacular view of the Syracuse city skyline.

    I wanted to highlight motion in this piece. Both the skater with her raised skate and the wavy blocks of color radiating from the boombox are tools I used to achieve a sense of motion. I chose retro colors, the boombox, and her fashion to relate the words of the haiku across generations.