Marlene Heuer

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  • 2004 Poster: Silver Drops of Rain


    Silver Drops of Rain

    The haiku was very colorful, and reading it, I could picture a fun scene. I really wanted it to be playful, and wanted it to celebrate spring.

    I try to keep my work whimsical—lots of animals. With the worms, I was trying to think of something other than people that would enjoy being outside.
    I like the way it turned out—the poster quality of it, that it's so easy to read. I love clean lines, and I seem to find that with poster art.

    I redid it six or seven times before I started to be happy with the outcome. The first few times, I was not using pen. I was using brushes for the outlining, and it did not read well. Eventually I learned how to work out the kinks.