Leah Hennessey

contributor to 3 posters

  • 2022 Poster: This is the Color of my Street


    This is the Color of my Street

    I was drawn to this haiku because of the strong sense of neighborhood and community. I love that Syracuse is developing, the pride its people have, and the stories that make us unique.

    I recently read about all the
    redevelopment that happened with the five sisters on Park Ave and knew I wanted to draw them for this project. Each house has its own colors and style, but all five clearly belong together.

    Prismatic and perfect, indeed.

  •  The Old Cicada


    The Old Cicada

    Since moving to Central New York, learning about Syracuse's architecture and history has become a priority of mine. I love seeing the growth and revitalization that's happening in the city and am optimistic for the future.

    I think that this haiku perfectly describes the growth path that Syracuse is on. I wanted the illustration to capture optimism for the future while paying tribute to the architecture and history that makes Syracuse unique.

  • Woman's hand, with Karen DeCrow bracelet, holding beer glass


    Women, Raise Your Glass!

    I was immediately drawn to Stephanie’s poem about Karen DeCrow, despite not knowing anything about her history in Syracuse. The curiosity that the words sparked led to research and inspiration and, ultimately, this illustrative and sparkly poster about celebrating women.

    As an illustrator that leans more toward fun, whimsy, and children’s works, I wanted this poster to be dynamic and colorful and suggestive of DeCrow, rather than just a portrait (a weak spot of mine).

    I hope that this historic figure series of posters sparks curiosity and investigation into these people who have shaped Syracuse, and instills even more pride and a reason to celebrate our city!