Lara Hirschberg

contributor to 2 posters

  • So Many Books Here


    So Many Books Here

    The figures in this image represent different time periods and cultures, while encouraging young people to read. The illustration brings back memories of my parents reading stories at bedtime. As a preteen, I remember looking through many books in the aisles of a bookstore, trying to decide on which book to take home.

    This poster demonstrates my work with watercolor, and its content fits well with my desire to illustrate books for children to young adult. I feel it is important to connect with and acknowledge our cultures and pasts, as well as being informed about others.

  • Snowflakes Hitch a Ride


    Snowflakes Hitch a Ride

    This was a fun, light poem to work with. It resonated with me because my work tends to exude lightness and fun, particularly because of my interest in illustrating children's books. I wanted to capture the atmosphere of a comfortable and cozy environment to create a contrast between warm and cool in this poster. I'm from New York City, so I am used to cold winters, although not winters as snowy as they are in Syracuse. To create the cozy contrast with the cold winter in this poster, I added the story of a woman with her pets. She is taking a pause from reading her book to enjoy the fireplace and the aroma of her tea.