Kristen Branch

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  • 2002 Poster: Bikes and Barbecue


    Bikes and Barbecue

    I've been to the Landmark. It's a beautiful building. And I've been to the Dinosaur Barbecue. I actually played softball for the Dinosaur league—filled in for someone last summer. So, having that familiarity, I was just ready to give it a go.

    The image wasn't something labored over. I started with the nutcracker, and wanting him to be the figurative element. And then synthesizing that with bikes. And then: “Hey, why not have the Nutcracker on a bike?”

    When you drive down Salina Street, and you see lights flashing on the marquis, you know that's the Landmark. So I took that element, placed it in the image, and put the haiku on it. For a whimsical element, I had the Nutcracker barbecuing walnuts.