Kathleen O'Dell

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  •  I Went To The Fair


    I Went To The Fair

    I selected my haiku because it didn't seem too serious, and I thought my playful illustration style would be a good fit. I tried to capture the spirit of the fair, in all its frenzied glory.

    I struggled with the butter sculpture. I wanted it to be full of both wit and whimsy, without downplaying the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into making the magnificent sculptures in display at the fair. I finally chose Jon Fishman, drummer for the band Phish, to be the subject. I know he has roots in the area. I'm a fan of his music and his antics. I hope local fans might get a kick out of it.

    I use my I-pad to create digital collages and overlay a variety of media. I am thrilled to be a part of the Poster Project!

  • Old Woman, Straight Stride


    Old Woman, Straight Stride

    I chose to depict Harriet May Mills, prominent leader in the women's suffrage movement, born in Syracuse in 1857. As the backdrop, I featured the Harriet May Mills Art and Home Center, a permanent structure at the Fairgrounds that opened in 1934. The font I chose is called “Keep on Truckin,” which I thought was fitting given the circumstances of our present political climate. My hope is to pay homage to a true American hero by adding a touch of whimsy to an overly political time.

    I gathered historical photos to use as visual reference and then assembled a digital collage with multiple layers of drawing and painting. I am grateful to be participating in the Poster Project for my third year!

  • Haudenosaunee



    Because of my interest in equal rights and how it relates to my own artwork, I knew instantly this was the poem I wanted to illustrate. My personal inquiry into the suffragist movement led me to the Haudenosaunee culture of inclusion and equal rights.

    I depicted a pregnant woman and included the nine animals that represent each clan and symbolize the matrilineal society of the Haudenosaunee.
    The framers of the constitution were influenced by the Six Nations’ democratic form of government.

    I’m working on a body of work that falls under the vast umbrella of civil liberties, so this piece came naturally. My mixed media pieces bounce back and forth between the digital world and old school cut and paste.

  • Syracuse Front Porch


    Syracuse Front Porch

    I selected my haiku because it's lighthearted. My illustration derives from a children's book I'm illustrating about a family from the Bronx. I grew up just outside of New York City and recently moved to Syracuse from Brooklyn. I suppose wine, laughter, gossip, and congregating on the front porch is something people in many cities enjoy and relate to. I set the scene at Christmas time, playfully depicting the quirkiness that accompanies many family gatherings, especially during the holidays.

    My process includes photography, drawing, painting, and digital collage. I hope to work on more children's books and poster projects.