Kai Gesek

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  • Warmth Fading To Cold


    Warmth Fading To Cold

    Hello Syracuse! I remember writing this haiku in fall of 2019, or sometime around there. I'm not great with specifics, but what I do remember vividly is the process in which this poem came to me.

    I'm not naturally a poet, or a formal writer, for that matter. I typically write informally, or in a very specific voice. However, when asked to try and come up with a short haiku poem, an image sprang immediately to mind. It was snow. Building amounts of snow, piled one or two feet high. As I watched the picture in my brain, I watched the snow melt away into a warm and peaceful spring. I knew immediately what my submission would be about.

    I'm honored to have been selected to have my poem featured in this way!