Julie Gratien

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  • Strathmore's Park


    Strathmore's Park

    Every artwork I create requires learning. This time I needed to learn about the “Strathmore park for all.” I was very curious when I received the haiku because I was unfamiliar with the park's history. First, I learned that it was really named Onondaga Park. I was fascinated by the online photos of people enjoying the park for concerts, swimming, races, family activities and more.

    Next was my visit. I enlisted the help of two women who were walking dogs. They directed me to park on a side street and then walk in. I immediately fell in love with the beauty: the waterfall; trees; stone bridge; water; the view of the neighborhood and the gazebo. After many rough drafts and another visit, I decided to create a textured collage featuring the gazebo within the park's setting... A very peaceful place!