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  • Gleaming ghosts still wait


    Gleaming ghosts still wait

    The “Waiting for the Night Train” statues are a piece of history, a work of creativity, and a part of our community's culture. My parents would point them out, I read about them, and driving along I-690 I was always fascinated by them. I would be disappointed if I missed them! I was also interested in the red scarves that are put on them in the winter. Since there is no public access to them, I would think about the effort that must take.

    Most people are driving so fast and pass by them so quickly that they almost feel like an apparition. The very idea of travel has to do with getting places and not seeing where you are. They are also ghosts because they are from the past. There had to be a last train ride out of that station, and I was thinking of what it would have been like to be on that last train.