John Landers

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  • Bubbling Fountains


    Bubbling Fountains

    My inspiration for this haiku came to me as I thought of the fountains I have seen downtown in Clinton Square and Franklin Square in Syracuse. If you closely watch them, especially in the sunlight, the light seems to dance in ever changing patterns across the water, glistening at the top of each ripple as they move outwardly across the ponds.

    Life for me has always been art and poetry. I see the world with my feeling first and this is what I try to express in my works. I also enjoy painting, street chalk drawing, and photography. I love to mix these media with inspirational quotes or poetry to share with others. There is emotion in the world that surrounds us, creating a symphony of color and sound that I can feel wherever I am. It is my hope as an artist and poet to help others to see the world from a different perspective than perhaps they have seen before.