Jill Pierce Long

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  • Round Lake's Cloud and Tree


    Round Lake's Cloud and Tree

    I was inspired to illustrate this haiku because of my years spent by the local waterways. When I was told that the haiku was about Round Lake in Green Lakes State Park, a favorite for many years, I knew this was the project for me.

    As a quiet fan of the dragonfly, I have watched them in amusement, thinking about the many positive symbols of this magical insect. Two of the symbols that came to me for this haiku are “change” and “light.” I chose to illustrate small images of new, recently built structures and older structures that over the years have made new changes and have improved the look of the Central New York area in the wings of the dragonfly. The water rippled by the dragonfly illustrates the spread of the changes in our CNY community. When our community enjoys these structures by visiting them, our community flourishes.