Jeremy Shuback

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  • A Bronzed Columbus


    A Bronzed Columbus

    Not quite a photograph, not quite an illustration. That's what I love about this piece.

    This work started as the sketch, and after spending countless hours on two (yes, twice as many as one) finishes, the general consensus by everyone was they liked the sketch the most. I liked the second finish the most, but it's not always about me, is it? The image you see was my sketch.

    I'm a bit anal when I do a photo shoot. If I take less than 300 pictures I consider myself lucky. From there I narrow it down to one. Before digital, I was lost. Hopefully this piece accomplished what I set out to do—capture one side of Syracuse and one side of Mr. Gaurnier's fantastic haiku.

    After settling on the right photographs to weave together, I try to weave in some story and affect a reaction from the viewer. For more about me and my work, you can visit my web site at