Jennifer Quach

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  • Through a Scrim of Snow


    Through a Scrim of Snow

    I chose this poem because of the vivid imagery. I can definitely imagine the crows which fly around in the trees around one of the dorms. I drew the shapes that I wanted on a piece of paper and I traced them onto colored paper. Then I cut them out. The background was done with pastels.

    I like to think of my work as dramatic with a lot of contrast, and it's a little spooky, gloomy, but I don't want to scare people — I want to bring out the elegance.

    I like doing stuff from books because I love being inspired by stories. I plan on doing some covers, like fan covers for books that I've read like “Jane Eyre.” I hope to work for a publisher. I love bringing images from texts because people have to imagine them in their minds, but I have the ability to bring them to life in 3-D.